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Saturday, 14 January 2012

IT: Praying remainder

Assalamualaikum, hi there, how are you, hope you enjoy you semester break (for those who are holiday right now ^^) but never mine, semester break it does not mean that we are break from doing anything right? so hope you will planed your 'to do list' for ensure, you are not sleeping for a rest of the day..hehe

for those who are plane to watch
drama or movie all time in you PC, or maybe laptop, or maybe you Tab or iPAD so on, just want to share with you, solat reminder application that you can install it into you gadget!
oohh okey, you PC, or maybe laptop, or maybe you Tab or iPAD so on. it will help you to know WHEN YOU WILL STOP watching the movie..and do a prayer.^^

so don't tall too much because no body want to read my 'pot pet' in broken english so let introduce the first application


oook, actually this is not a software that have an adzan to call you to go to pray, but this is a widget for a window desktop that countdown when the solat time is come. Furthermore, the prayer time were obtained from JAKIM. And you know that, THIS IS MAD IN MALAYSIA!! yeaaayy!!! ok don't be so happy. if you want to know who the developer of this application, catch him at HERE. OK to download this gadget to you desktop, you go to the website by click the link above.

Islamic Prayer Times 
Windows Sidebar Gadget

This is another gadget for window desktop, same as i906, it show the solat time, but the difference is, this is international. you can setting the widget to preview solat time for other country in this world. Furthermore, it also provide adzan when the time is coming. there have more thing that it can do, just go to the website and donload it to try ^^

Athan (Azan) 4.2 

ahaa, this is a software, i think this is the most famous azan software in the world, haha, why? because, if you goggled it , it appeared in the first list, hehe, ok it look nonsense but see, there have 16.5++K have use and share it to the network, how about person who copy paste the installer from theire friends? how many of them? haha ok2 forget about it, but the most importain thing is, it has 6 million cities worldwide, that mean, you dont worry about prayer time for Malaysia. ngeee. ok, dont talk anymore, just go to the link given and try it. Oh by the way, it compatible for WINDOW only. sorry Macian

Guidance Mac

Do you think i'll let MAC user hate to me? haha dont worry, i have found an application that can be use for Macintos, it have same function as other azan software, but the difference is, it more modern, eerr... aahhh just read the feature below, haha i copied it from that site, actually i don't know much about it because, im window user, but it must be a good application because, you know that MAC..heh
  • Choose from four different adhans to play, including Yusuf Islam
  • Let Guidance wake you up a set time before Shuruq so you never miss Fajr again
  • Minimalistic interface gives you easy access to prayer times
  • No list of locations to scroll through, just enter in your location and Guidance will find it
  • Get a countdown of how much time is left until the next prayer
  • Option to automatically pause iTunes when the adhan plays
  • Integration with Growl for prayer alerts
  • Displays Hijri date

what!! you want an application for iPAD and iPHONE?? huurrmm i have a link to download it, but i not sure it is free or not, but why not try it first, check this out, that application are able to 
  • Adhan prayer notifications
  • Qibla compass and map
  • Masjid Locator powered by
  • Set up any location easily through search or auto-location
  • Choose your madhab and customize the app for your needs
i think that all for now, i hope this will helping you to know solat time, hope you not negligent during watch the KOREAN DRAMA or what ever...Peace be upon You, see you next time, sorry for every thing (^^)V peace yo!

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