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Monday, 15 August 2011

ramadhan calender:doodle version

Assalamualaikum , nice doodle right?. I'm found it when i do some research for my Ramadan's article, I'm looking for some picture to put in my article, then, i saw it, so i think, let me share it to you. BTW, i get this nice doodle at here. the words on this doodle doesn't mean that what we should do in that day of ramadhan. in the other word, there were suggestions what to do along this ramadhan. 

today (15 Ramadan) we have entered the 2nd half of Ramadan. so what we should do is, improve our effort to do more 'ibadah', more 'doa', more 'sedekah'..and remember, try our hard to find lailatul qadar, the night with better then 1000 month. And remember, ISTIQAMAH adn be a BETTER muslim.!!! yeah!!!.

OK this is my first entry in English, hope you will accept my broken English also, hehe. i try my best to write in English and my dream have come true..yeah again!! insyaAllah after this i'll try my best to create more article in English, although it will not a long article. ok that all for now. see ya.. Assalamualaikum


  1. nice one;)

  2. Assalamualaikum, and salam ramadhan, well done. You done a very good job as you wrote in english where you can share this knowledge to each and everyone of us. A good start :D

  3. @Syafiqaactually, I'm really scare during write this in English, because I'm not a good English user..ngeee

  4. sayapun mohon share terima kasih yek...


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