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Friday, 18 November 2011

IT: Blender the 3D Software are you today hope you enjoy your life
why I'm happy today?? ha-ha.. it's because this is the 99th entry for this blog.. (yeah!!!). furthermore, this blog will celebrate it's 1st anniversary. haha
This Blender???!!!

but lets it go by now. so in this entry, i like to share one free software call BLENDER. It not the 'blender' that mom always use at the kitchen. This is the 3D maker software. the most importain thing is it is FREE?? 
"Are you sure it is free?? don't be kidding, All 3D Software need to pay high price!!"

"yup I'm saying the true".
Blender is the open office software under the GNU General Public Licence. And you want to know another good news? it suitable for any OS that have in this world (i guess..:P). why i'm saying like that because it available for most platforms that are in use today. You can run it on Windows starting from 98, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (32, 64 bits) ; Mac OS X (PPC and Intel 32.64 bits) ; Linux (x86 32/64 bits) and FreeBSD (AMD/Intel 64 bits) .

what blender can do?
Using Blender software, we will make and 3D artwork. But what type of artwork can Blender do?
·        Modeling
o   Making 3D car model or prototype
o   3D logo
o   Making real look image/ environment
·        Shading
·        UV Unwrapping
·        Rigging
o   Making bone
·        Rendering
·        Animation
·        Movie
·        Realtime 3D/Game Creation 

What you need before using this software
Blender hardware requirements
1 GHz, Single core
2 GHz, Dual core
2 GHz, Multi-core (64-bit)
512 MB RAM
8 – 16 GB
Graphics card
OpenGL card with 64 MB Video RAM
OpenGL card with 256 or 512 MB Video RAM
OpenGL card with 1 GB RAM, ATI FireGL or Nvidia Quadro
1024×768 pixels, 16-bit color
1920×1200 pixels, 24-bit color
1920×1200 pixels, 24-bit color
Three-button mouse
Three-button mouse
Three-button mouse and a graphics tablet
::ok , i take this table at wikipedia...hehe thanks uncle wiki..

if you ask me, about this software, honestly, i never try any before, i'm just read info about it and some comment from other user. but almost free software (GNU software) are easy to use. That why it free? just imaging, the free software but difficult to use, who want to use it?? haha.

ok, don't talk any more, for those who interest to try this software, just download in this link;
or if you want the portable software, so get it here;

Eerr..i want to try but how to start?
haha... ok2, i have found some website that provide tutorial, but if you enter the blender website, they also provide some tutorial and link to go to the site that have a tutorial.

ok this is my suggestion
Artwork using Blender

ok, i think thaz all, if you want some more, hehe uncle Google always be in you browser..ngeee

moha-ok this my nest article in English, about?? this software are been use in my class, but we still don't try it. hehe so lets try it together.. sorry broken english again (marah la budak2 TESL kat sy)


  1. i enjoyed reading this, seriously :)

  2. @i Pakcik Zharuloh no...tesl student have comment here...(malu aaa BI teraboq, grammer hancoq) ngee,,,

  3. tinta pena .. ok pe.. 2 dlm satu .. :) lpas nie nk bc entrie kat sni kena tgk kamus ..hehe

  4. @dayahremlee . achik . :) sebenaqnya langkah tuk perbaiki penulisan BI sy, dah lama menulis BI..kalo peraan BI sy mcm budak2 baru pandai cakap bi een..haha malu2

  5. ohh jeleznye bdk tesl sndri pun mls nk tulis dlm bi.. ngee
    *suka smgt kamu! tahniah.. teruskan usaha anda..
    [mcm komen ckgu kt report card] :p

  6. @yunieehh. sy tulis dalam BI pon dalam artikel mengenai IT ja, berani tulis sbb paham kan, plus kalo bab it ni, rujukan banyak dalam BI so, lebih mudah rasanya. tapi kalau hat lain2 tu smua BM..ngee

  7. at least ada effort kan? ok la tuu.. (^^,)

  8. @yunietrimas...insyaAllah akan lebih bersemangat!!! whait for another entry in 'Broken english' language soon..harharahr


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